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Actionsport camera

CamOne infinity – Catch your Life in Full HD

The CamOne infinity is the Full HD action sports camera for all your activities - due to its small size, its handy construction and a weight of only 77 grams. The extensive range of mounts allows you to attach it almost everywhere, e.g. to a helmet, a handlebar or a surf- or snowboard.

The built-in 1,5” (38,1 mm) screen shows the live image and informs about the settings and status. You can check your footage immediately on the screen. The “EasyButton” system enables an intuitive use of the multilingual menu. Separate buttons for taking stills, recording a video and playing your footage as well as entering the menu and switching on the front LED ensure an easy and fast use of the camera.

You can record videos with 60 frames per second (fps) in 720p HD ready and 30 fps in 1080p Full HD. The camera is also capable of time lapse recordings and taking interval or serial photos which offers an exciting range of uses. Plenty of optional accessories allow you to customize the camera system to your personal needs.

With mounts like the Surf-, Chest-, or Curved Mount there are no limits for you and your CamOne infinity.
The camera has got two 32 GB Micro SD card slots, a mini HDMI and a USB port available. Using the USB port and the provided AV cable you can also watch your recordings on a TV screen. With the Ten2Ten adapter (also provided) you can connect the CamOne infinity with the complete range of FlyCamOne 720p HD hardware accessories: the radio transmission set, GPS, external screen and many more. You will easily succeed in making crystal clear videos under water. With the provided DiveBox you can dive up to 40 meters deep – without any further accessories as the CamOne infinity can be adjusted to the light refraction of the water just by turning the lens counterclockwise by 95°.

The exchangeable lenses allow you to adapt to the picture detail you want. You can chose between 96°, 142° and 170° lenses. A scratched lens can easily be replaced by a new one.


  • Built-in high resolution display
  • Full HD recordings in 1080p
  • HD recordings in 720p with 60 fps
  • Exchangeable lenses
  • Precise glass lenses
  • Easy Button System
  • Front LED
  • Auto power off, auto screen off

Updated: December, 2012

CamOne infinity

Technical Data

Art. No:

49 x 42 x 34 mm

77 g, incl. Battery

10 °C till 50 °C

3,7 V 800 mAh LiPo

MPEG4 or MOV (video); JPEG (photo)

Video Resolutions:
720p, 720pH, 1080pS, 1080p, Time Lapse (≤ 1 fps)

Photo Resolutions:
3, 5 and 8 MP

Photo, Serial Photo (3, 5, 10, 30, 60 s)

CMOS, 5 MPix

Lens (exchangeable):
170° > 720p; 127° > 1080p

Digital 4times

1.5” (38 mm) TFT

Mono, 48 kHz (built-in)

10 Pin Mini USB 2.0, HDMI and Open Connector Board (OCB)

Remote (optional):
Live view and control with smartphone and Wi-Fi connection

2x Micro SD/SDHC ≤ 32 GB (Class 4 or higher)

White balance:

CamOne infinity

Content of the Box

  • CamOne infinity 1080p camera
  • Underwater housing (DiveBox) with tripod socket
  • Helmet mount
  • M mount
  • Flat universal mount
  • Handlebar mount
  • Short and long connector
  • 2 x 3M adhesive pads
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Ten2Ten accessory adapter
  • Pouch to carry the camera
  • Sticker set
  • Manual
CamOne infinity


Exchangeable Lenses

[Item No.: COIN32 – 96° Lens, COIN31 – 142° Lens, COIN32 – 170° Lens]

Swiftly exchangeable lenses for the right caption.

The standard lens with 170° (720p) is optimal for recordings that include rapid movements – the object stays in the frame when filming action sports scenes.

For more steady recordings in which you’d want more detail the 96° is the perfect choice. Furthermore, a narrower angle reduces the “fish eye” effect - with the 96° lens the image is less distorted.

Chest Mount

[Item No.: COIN28]

Experience the ego perspective over and over again. In many sports the best place for the camera is right on your chest – especially when your hands are extremely busy. The big foam-padded chest plate adapts to a wetsuit just as well as to naked skin and reduces the camera’s self-motion. Skydiving is your life? Or rather football? Just imagine your videos from this perspective!

Mono Pod

[Item No.: COIN25]

Experience new perspectives with the CamOne Monopod: Just screw the CamOne infinity on – with or without the DiveBox – and record videos of yourself from many angles: Closer, faster, further up, lower down… nothing but unlimited action! Safety first: In case of a head-on collision, the telescopic monopod automatically pushes together.

Surf Mount

[Item No.: COIN26]

The perfect accessory to attach the CamOne infinity to your surfboard: For spectacular footage directly from the tube. When using all three elements you’re able to turn the master plate in the middle by 360° – with a flick of the wrist in every direction! For shorter boards two elements are stuck to the board – for screw connection to a bodyboard the master element is fixed with the even counterpart.

Release Button

[Item No.: COIN29]

The external Release Button enables you to start and stop video recording or taking stills when the camera itself is out of reach (e.g. when mounted on a helmet). Due to the length of the cable it is also ideal for footage from extraordinary angles that otherwise would be inaccessible. A blue control light indicates recording.

Triple Battery Charger

[Art.- Nr.: COIN34]

You just can’t get enough power? No problem! Up to three batteries at the same time you can charge with this handy Triple Battery Charger. So from now the time of checking the process and exchanging the batteries while charging is over.

It also serves as an external power supply for your infinity or charges your smartphones, MP3 player, etc. Perfect for carrying your spare batteries safely, too.


[Item No.: COIN08]

More Power for your CamOne infinity!

You have a longer trip planned? The spare battery offers a recording time of 90 minutes and can be replaced quickly and easily!

GPS Module

[Item No.: FCHD15]

The GPS module enables you to not only record a video but also saves and shows useful GPS data of your trip. Afterwards, it can be analysed and shown in the video. That way, you can later retrace your route: Position, speed and height are displayed – as well as the covered distance and the camera’s distance to the starting point. You are also able to check the data on Google Earth.

Ideal for outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, motor sports, skiing and snowboarding. It even has an integrated 3-axis-G-sensor that shows you the G-force!

External Screen 2.5” (63.5 mm)

[Item No.: FCHD02]

The external screen can be connected to the CamOne infinity using the provided 10 Pin cable. It delivers pin sharp live view and offers a wide variety of uses, e.g. as a control screen when you cannot see the camera screen (e.g. when mounted on a helmet) or to watch recorded footage. The external screen can also be connected to the receiver of the 5,8 GHz transmission set – thus, the live video can be transmitted over a distance of up to 300 m.

Using the provided neoprene wristband you can fix it safely and comfortably to your wrist to view it anytime. The universal mount offers even more mounting options so you can attach it to almost anything.

5.8 GHz Video Transmission Set

[Item No.: FCHD03]

Via radio transmission you can broadcast your live video over a distance of up to 300 m to the optional external screen [Item No.: FCHD02] – thus, you and your friends can watch the events as they’re happening! The V-Eyes Video Goggles [Item No.: FCHD08], that can also be connected to the receiver module, show the camera’s live perspective – an exciting experience when mounting the camera on an RC model

V-Eyes Video Goggles

[Item No.: FCHD08]

Experience FPV flights with the V-Eyes Video Goggles: The high resolution video modules (640 x 480 Px in RGB) provide a breath-taking “pilot feeling”.

The 2-axis head tracking system even allows you to control the camera on the vertical and horizontal axis by moving your head*. Due to the additional AV jack the V-Eyes are compatible with all devices with an AV plug (e. g. IPhone, IPod, DVD Player etc.).

Possibility of adding lenses to compensate short-sightedness.

Rapid Rush Micro SD Cards

[Item No.: FC3008 (8 GB), FCHD16 (16 GB), FCHD32 (32 GB)]

These Micro SD High Capacity Cards are up to the latest Micro SD 2.0 standards. They are compatible with all of our HD cameras.

  • 8 GB
  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB

Dive Box

[Item No.: COIN35]

Plunged! With your CamOne infinity in the DiveBox you can dive up to 30 meters deep!

Simply brilliant: You still have all functions available as all buttons can be used under water.

Turning the lens by 95° (170° lens) adjusts it to the light refraction under water – thus, clear pictures are still guaranteed. The built-in lens made of real glass ensures high quality recordings.

With the DiveBox you can break the limits any time: The robust acryl glass housing doesn’t only protect your cam from water when diving or snorkeling but also from dirt and moisture – in every situation!

CamOne infinity


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CamOne infinity


CamOne infinity Manual

Updated: December, 2012

CamOne infinity


CamOne infinity Firmware

V 1.34

GPS Tool

V 3.0