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CamOne Catalogue 2015

Thanks to the six separate buttons and the intuitive menu navigation, the usage of the CamOne infinity is very simple. Favored functions can be set quickly and easily. CamOne infinity | Easy handling Simple navigation Simple to use thanks to the easy to understand menus and 6 separate buttons. Simply select the desired mode and the favored function.CamOne Actiontrailer Scan the QR Code and enjoy our action video. Catch your Life in Full HD. Photo size | 8M Photo Intervall | Off Auto shooting | Off Time stamp | Off | | Video size | 1080p Quality | H Video section | 15 Minutes Time stamp | Off Time Lapse Rec | Off Loop recording | Off Language | English Date | 2013-10-18 Time | 11:38 Auto screen off | Off Auto power off | Off Motion Detection | Off File Format | MPeg Microphone | Off Video mode Video function Changes the menu functions Zoom Out Photo mode Photo function Changes the menu functions Zoom In Playback mode Playback function Changes the submenu functions Confirmes the setting POWER Switches the camera ON/OFF Light Switches the Front LED ON/OFF Menu Switches through the 3 different menu categories Action video:

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