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CamOne Catalogue 2015

Gravity Air - 2D Gimbal Article: DJB131 For professional aerial recordings. Made of light metal and equipped with two brushlessmotors, this camera mount offers ab- solutely smooth and rigid recordings even at tough flight conditions. Cloverleaf Antennas 5.8 GHz Article: PNX058-F (Female) Article: PNX058-M (Male) Our CamOne 5.8 GHz cloverleaf antennas are the perfect assistants for all FPV applications, thanks to their stable transmission quality with simultanous increased range. Gravity Air - 3D Gimbal Article: DJB141 Just as his „little brother“ does, the new Ca- mOne Gravity Air 3- Axis gimbal grants smooth and vibration-free video recordings from abo- ve! Thanks to the 3rd axis, it is now possible to perform smooth panorama shots. TX+RX (figure similar)(figure similar)

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